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Company Christmas Cards – Why They’re Important

Company Christmas CardThe end of the year brings the Christmas and New Year’s holidays that are widely celebrated throughout the country.  It’s a time when we reflect on the year, the people in our lives, and what they mean to us.  It’s also the time when people send out holiday greetings.  Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this is a good time of year to recognize your clients, suppliers, associates, and employees.  The end of the year is a good time to take stock of those who have helped you through the year.  It’s also an ideal time to recognize what they have meant to you and to wish them well in the coming year.

Sending out Christmas or holiday cards is a traditional way to send these warm greetings.  While it may be tempting to send an email in place of a card, resist.  Not everyone will take the time to read an email, but almost everyone will take the time to open a card personally addressed to them.  Physically mailing a card, that has your real signature and a personalized note on it, has a much more personal touch than an electronic message.

As you decide on Christmas cards to send out on behalf of your business, keep in mind they are supposed to be Christmas cards that showcase your appreciation and well wishes for their recipients.  They are not meant to be an advertisement for your business.  Think of the card as gift, meant to be a thank you, not filled with pre-printed signatures, company logos, and sales messages.

Always make sure the recipient’s name and the name of their business are spelled correctly. While company Christmas cards don’t have to be elaborately designed, they need to be professional looking and of good quality.  Remember that Christmas cards may be displayed for several weeks, and you want to convey a good impression each time they look at it.

In addition to sending cards to the people who have helped make your business a success over the past year, drop a few in the mail to contacts you may not have worked with for a while.  Sending them a card with a personal note lets them know they are still valued by your business and by you personally.  This is a great way to keep business relationships alive on a personal level, particularly if you move in different circles and your paths are unlikely to cross in the near future.  For these types of cards, it is especially important to include a brief, personal note.

Deciding to send out company Christmas cards is a big commitment.  You will need to set aside time during the months of November and December to write personal notes, or, at the very least, sign them.  While an assistant can address and post the cards for you, they cannot give them your personal thoughts and signature.  The time you invest in personally signing each of these cards will continue to cultivate relationships with those who have helped to your business a success.

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