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Print vs. Email Newsletters

By admin - 18th January 2013

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your customers or the members of your organization. When choosing between sending your newsletter in either print or email form, many people make their choice solely based on the fact that email is free.  However, while cost is always a factor, there are several other factors that you should consider before making your final decision. The first area to consider is impact. In a society that has become inundated with...

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Writing a Top Notch Newsletter

By admin - 10th January 2013

If you have use a newsletter to stay in touch with your customers or as part of your marketing campaign, it is important that you make sure that it is informative and effective. Here are a few writing tips that will help you create a top notch newsletter. Audience Before you put a word on the page, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of who is your audience. You want to make sure that your language and...

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Improving Your Call to Action

By admin - 3rd January 2013

Direct mail usually consists of three parts: the list (who you are talking to), the offer, and a call to action. The call to action, which normally concludes your direct mail, is one of the most important pieces. The last thing that your potential customer will read, your call to action creates the impression and thoughts that will linger in their minds. It is, therefore, important that your call to action is clear, strong, and powerful. Your call to action...

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Is Direct Mail Dead?

By admin - 24th December 2012

With the rise of Internet, email and social media marketing, you may be wondering if direct mail is still a viable option to include in your company marketing plan. Concerns over the decrease in mail volume and the future of the U.S. Postal System add to the questions that many companies are asking about whether or not direct mail is still effective. There are two main reasons that direct mail still has the potential of being powerful and successful. The...

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Writing Tips for Direct Mail

By admin - 18th December 2012

In order to make sure that your direct mail piece is read instead of tossed into the recycling bin, it’s important to create a winning and effective document. Here are a few tips to help your direct mail stand out and be heard. Send it to the Right Person Know who in the company or home is your target audience and direct your mailing to them. Sending your mailer to the wrong person is an invitation to have it thrown...

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Types of Direct Mail

By admin - 13th December 2012

If you’re thinking about including direct mail as part of your marketing plan, it’s important that you know the different options that are available to you. There are five general types of direct mail, each with its own specific abilities and audiences. By picking the right type of direct mail for your needs, you can better reach your audience and meet your marketing goals. Classic Package A classic package is one of the most common types of direct mail. A...

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Picking the Right Font: Serif vs. Sans Serif

By admin - 6th December 2012

According to Colin Wheildon, author of Type & Layout: Are You Communicating or Just Making Pretty Shapes?, you can lose up to 75% of your potential readers (and for advertisers, that means potential buyers) simply by choosing the wrong font. When readers find information hard to read or comprehend, they are quick to turn the page, skip to another part, or simply ignore the words that are in front of them. In the world of direct mail, it is extremely...

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Advantages of Direct Mail

By admin - 27th November 2012

In your efforts to successfully market the skills and products of your company, it is important to choose a method that will give you high visibility, attract new customers and engage with your current customers. One way to achieve this is through direct mailing. Direct mailing is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods to attract the attention of your target audience and inspire them to take action. Unlike blanket advertising, such as radio ads, direct mail is sent to...

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Offset vs. Digital Printing

By admin - 19th November 2012

For a long time, the only option in commercial printing was offset lithography. But recently there have been great developments in digital printing technology, giving you two great options in how you can bring your project to life. When you are choosing a printing technology, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each technology to pick the right process for your project. Offset lithography is the most common process in high volume commercial printing. Offset printing creates...

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Offset Lithography

By admin - 8th November 2012

Offset lithography is the most commonly used method of commercial printing. Known as the “workhorse” of printing, offset lithography is known for its high quality product, as well for its unique process. The process of offset lithography is based on the principle that you cannot mix ink and water. The first step in the process is to transfer the document of text and/or images to film and plates. Digital files are transferred into film negatives, which are then transferred to...

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