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Preparing Your Bulk Mail

By admin - 8th May 2013

Once you have gone through all the steps to prepare your bulk mail for mailing, the final step is to take it to the post office. To make...

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Mailing Terms 101 (Part 2)

By admin - 22nd April 2013

In our last post, we offered explanations behind certain common mailing terms. These terms and definitions are important for you to understand in order for your business to...

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Mailing Terms 101 (Part 1)

By admin - 8th April 2013

Though mailing may seem to be a fairly simple operation, once you start looking into the details, you realize that there are many more options than you originally...

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Improving the Timing of Your Direct Mail

By admin - 23rd March 2013

As we have just discussed with the United States Post Office’s announcement of no Saturday delivery after August 5, 2013, the timing when you send your direct mail has become increasingly important. After spending a good amount of time and money on getting your direct mailer exactly right, there is nothing more frustrating than having it arrive late into the hands of your potential customers. One of the greatest advantages to a business that chooses to use direct mail in...

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Effect of No Saturday Delivery on Direct Mail

By admin - 11th March 2013

On February 6, 2013, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced that they would be ending Saturday delivery for letters and flats of all classes effective August 5th. While this move is expected to help save the USPS around $2 billion a year, it has raised many questions about the effect on businesses who choose to use different methods of direct mail. For direct mail packages, there should be no impact. Packages will continue to be delivered on Saturday and...

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Commingling: the What and Why

By admin - 28th February 2013

For businesses that have chosen to make direct mailing a part of their marketing campaign, one of the big budget factors is the cost of postage. Many companies want to take advantage of the commercial pricing offered by the United States Post Office, but don’t quite qualify due to the size requirements of the mailing list. For companies facing this problem, one solution is commingling. Commingling is defined as combining your direct mail with the direct mail of another company....

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Postage Types

By admin - 21st February 2013

If you’re planning on sending out mail from your business, whether a direct mailing campaign or other mail, it is important that you are aware of the different types of postage available for your use. This knowledge can help you save money by not inadvertently choosing a more expensive postage than you need and help you make sure your mail arrives in a timely fashion. The postage type that most people are familiar with is First-Class Mail. First-Class Mail is...

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Postage Pricing

By admin - 14th February 2013

When creating a mailer it is important to remember that the United States Post Office takes many different factors into consideration when determining the cost of postage for commercial mailing. By being aware of the different parameters, you can make sure that there are no surprises to your final cost when you send off your mail. Unlike normal postage, commercial postage is often slightly lower due to the simple fact that your company takes on some of the duties that...

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Planning a Direct Mailing Campaign

By admin - 7th February 2013

If you have decided to make direct mail a part of your marketing strategy, it is important that you plan and prepare carefully before you begin. This planning will ensure that your direct mail is effective and provides you with the desired results. The first step in planning is to know your budget. Your budget will affect many of your choices, including whether or not to rent a mailing list, whether you want to hire a graphic designer or do...

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Using Direct Mail to Help Retain Your Customers

By admin - 28th January 2013

Companies generally spend a lot of time attracting and acquiring new customers. Once someone becomes a customer, however, they should not be ignored. It is important to maintain communication and a positive relationship with your existing customers. Direct mail marketing can be used to help retain customers and increase their loyalty. Create a community. Customers who feel like they have become part of a community can become your best marketing tools. Consider creating a place where customers can chat together,...

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