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The famous Elvis stamp

Some of the Most Famous Stamps in USPS History

By admin - 23rd April 2014

Postage stamps evolved from necessity. In the earliest days of mail delivery in the United States, letters were sent without stamps, and the postage was paid by the...

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A note that says, "Allways chek for speling erors"

Proofreading – It Makes You Look Smarter

By admin - 7th April 2014

From the time we started writing in elementary school, our teachers tried to impress upon us the importance of proofreading. Re-reading your writing, and perhaps having someone else...

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Magnifier over test print papers

How to Get Your Project Ready to Print

By admin - 31st March 2014

You have you project all complete and ready to send to the printer.  But how do you know it will turn out as you would like?  Will the...

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Black and white family photos lying on each other.

Taking your Family History from Boxes to Book

By admin - 10th March 2014

Many people, especially in Utah, enjoy delving into and discovering their family histories.  Some people devote years of their lives to creating these works of history, only to...

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Tips for Publishing Your Own Book

By admin - 19th February 2014

In a world of digital design, online learning, and e-readers, sitting down and holding a real book, with a color cover and actual pages to turn, isn’t always an everyday experience.  For many book lovers, reading an actual book and leafing through its pages is as much a part of the experience as reading the book itself. Imagine now, holding a book in your hand that you have created.  Maybe it’s a family history, a collection of the poems you’ve...

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Creating Your Own Valentines

By admin - 11th February 2014

Valentine’s day can be a fun day to express friendship, romantic love, or affection to people in our lives.  The custom of sending cards on Valentine’s Day has been around for centuries.  Sometimes, valentines are sent anonymously, from a “secret admirer” who has watched the recipient from afar.  Other times, they are given by parents, friends, teachers, or romantic partners. The very first valentines were made with a particular recipient in mind, so they were designed to convey a personal...

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The Three Main Purposes of a Sign

By admin - 16th January 2014

The sign outside your business is a powerful form of advertising.  It’s one of the first things a customer sees about your business, so it has to make a good impression.  Signs can send, or even broadcast a message, so making sure they are designed to work for you is crucial.  In order to be effective, your sign has to perform three main functions; it must be attractive, informative, and persuasive.  When designing a sign, these ideas must be incorporated...

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Preparing Addresses for Wedding Announcements

By admin - 18th December 2013

Sending out wedding announcements is one of the most important and time-consuming processes in your wedding planning. Getting your announcements out in time, particularly if you have a short engagement, can be a challenge. As you prepare for the wedding, here are a few things that will make sending out the announcements easier. Start compiling your guest list right away. If you will be serving a meal or the size of you venue is limited, you will need to limit...

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Company Christmas Cards – Why They’re Important

By admin - 14th November 2013

The end of the year brings the Christmas and New Year’s holidays that are widely celebrated throughout the country.  It’s a time when we reflect on the year, the people in our lives, and what they mean to us.  It’s also the time when people send out holiday greetings.  Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this is a good time of year to recognize your clients, suppliers, associates, and employees.  The end of the year is a good...

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Tips to Distributing Flyers

By admin - 15th October 2013

Flyers are one of the quickest and easiest way to get information about your business or event out into the world. If done correctly, distributing flyers can greatly increase your exposure. However, if done incorrectly, if can also be a waste of time and money. By following these simple tips, you can make sure that your flyers work effectively for you. The first key to effective flyer distribution is to have a flyer that stands out in the crowd. Visual...

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