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Early History of Postal Systems

By admin - 4th November 2011

The carrying of letters and important documents dates back almost as far as the history of writing. Messengers, or couriers, were around for centuries before the advent of formal postal systems. Some of the earliest known postal systems stem from Egypt, Persia, India, and China. In Egypt, during the century of 2400 BC, pharaohs made use of couriers to deliver their decrees across the territory. The courier system was the first organized delivery system for written information that we know...

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The Early Printing Trade

By admin - 26th October 2011

In 1436, Johannes Gutenberg of Germany invented the printing press. After he printed his Gutenberg Bible, the fame of his printing press spread. Before long, printing presses were in use throughout Europe. In the early printing houses, a “master printer” oversaw the day-to-day operations. Usually, the master printer was also the owner of the printing house and business. He would choose and edit manuscripts for printing, designate the number to be printed, raise the funds to complete the work, and...

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Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press

By admin - 19th October 2011

Johannes Gutenberg was a goldsmith who ran a business in Mainz of southern Germany. In this mining town during the 1430’s, Gutenberg took out a loan to create a new technology he was envisioning. He got to work on his prototype, which was loosely based on the technology of the screw-type wine presses of Rhine Valley. When he was finished, he had created the printing press. Using removable metal or wooden letters, he created a system that pressed the inked...

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Historical Forms of Printing

By admin - 13th October 2011

Throughout history and all over the world, many different forms of printing have been utilized to communicate and share culture, religion, and art. Starting with the carved cylinder seals of Mesopotamia in 3000 BC, printing was done by rolling these cylinders onto clay, to make art. Before the use of block printing, in China and in Egypt, there were small stamps used for making seals. Throughout Asia, India, and Europe, printing was done on fabric, with wood blocks, before it...

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Early Press-Printing around the World

By admin - 6th October 2011

In ancient history, printing began in 3000 BC, with carved cylinders rolled onto clay, to make art. Then, much later, printing was used for the decoration of cloth. The oldest discovered woodblock printings are old tattered pieces of silk, decorated with flowers stamped in three colors, from 220 BC. In Egypt, the story is similar with the oldest printed cloth dating back to 300 AD. Printing may have started as an embellishment for clothing, but its usefulness for the written...

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