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Types of Commercial Offset Printing Part 2

Blanket-to-blanket printing uses two “blanket” cylinders to print on both sides of a page at the same time. It is one of few methods that can print both sides simultaneously.

Blanket-to-steel printing is comparable to a sheet offset press. In blanket-to-steel printing, however, the plate and cylinder gaps are much more narrow. It is a one-color press using turning bars to rotate the web and print the other side.

Computer to plate printing or CTP is based on a new high-tech process in which the computer can image the plate, whether metal or polyester. This saves all the tedious steps of the standard plate-making process. This type of printing uses either heat (thermal) or light (UV) to image the plates.

Keyless offset printing is a form of printing with the use of rollers. It is unique because it was designed to produce a cleaner image by removing the residual ink after every rotation of the roller. It is often used for printing newspapers.

Lastly, variable-size printing is adjustable in many ways. Using removable printing units, cassettes, or inserts, variable-size printing can make one-sided prints or blanket-to-blanket two-sided prints.

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