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Tips for Designing a Trade Show Banner

Empty Trade Show BoothThe main purpose of attending a trade show is to build your network of professional contacts and increase your customer base. In order for that to happen, you need to draw people to your display area. This means you need to set up your display to draw in your target audience. One of the most visible pieces of your display in a banner that can be seen from a distance. Designing your banner wisely is key to making it work for you. Here are a few tips.

Scale is important. Having a banner that is twice as wide as your display area is problematic. Wrapping it around a table or awning makes the banner difficult to read, which fails to communicate information effectively and looks unprofessional. A banner that is too small will look like an afterthought and will not be as impactful as a more appropriately sized one. Most banner companies will have banners in a few standard sizes that fit different booth sizes.

Less is more. Don’t try to cram too much onto a banner. When you overfill your graphics with too much information, nothing stands out. Instead of trying to make your whole sales pitch on your signage, keep it simple.

Here are a few of the most important things to think about: a bold, short headline, a vivid image, brief bullet points, a call to action, your company name, tagline, and some form of contact information. Identify your targeted customer’s needs to determine the information that is the most important, and leave out the rest.

Include plenty of white space. Allow the images and words on your banner to breathe. What’s on your banner is important, but so is what isn’t. A banner that includes uncluttered white space and margins is easier to read and will have a greater impact.

Choose easy-to-read fonts. Remember that you are trying to get people to come to you, so it’s important to make your graphics easy to read from a distance. Using fonts that are easily readable helps. Some people believe that using all capital letters makes their signage more impactful, but a combination of upper and lower case letters is actually easier to read, even from a distance. Save all caps for particular emphasis.

Keep your design consistent. Your banner should be consistent with your overall brand image. Keeping the same theme between your banners, other signage, and takeaway materials will give an overall polish to your booth. Your display will look well thought out and organized, which reflects well on your company.

Enlist help if you need it. If you’ve never designed a banner or other graphics yourself, this is probably not the best time to start. Enlist the help of a designer who can help you create an impactful banner that will convey your message and help to draw your target audience to your booth.

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