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Reference of Paper Types Part 2

Continuing on with the list of paper types, cardboard is one of the most often used forms of paper. Cardboard comes in a variety of thicknesses and types from Bristol board to art board. Cast coated paper is a high gloss paper with extra absorbency. Chromo paper is coated with kaolin (china clay), on one side, and is often used in posters and stickers.

Cigarette slide paper is for cigarette slides. Cigarette tissue is a complex bright white paper used in bobbins of 25 mm. Cinema poster paper makes movie posters and some wallpapers. Clay coating base paper is used to make art paper and chromo paper. Coated paper has many forms for various applications, coated on one side or both, depending on the need.

Copier paper is used in copiers and faxes, thus purchased in bulk. Cream wove paper is used for computer stationery. Defense Kraft is used in defense projects and laminates. Diary paper is sometimes used for book printing and, of course, making diaries.

Diazo Base Paper is a technical paper coated with Diazo solutions and exposed to UV rays, and is used in ammonia paper making. Electrical insulating papers are self-explanatory. Extensible sack Kraft is stretchy, used for sack packing and bulk packaging. Fax base paper makes fax images with photo conductive zinc oxide.

Flexible carton board is used in carton-making. Fluorescent paper makes labels, posters, and decorations. Fluting Medium is used for corrugated board. Foil base poster board has a metal foil laminate. General writing paper is used in notebooks. Glassine paper is used in food packaging, as it is able to prevent the absorption of odors and help preserve the freshness of the contents.

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