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Reference of Paper Types Part 1

Dozens of different types of paper have been developed for various uses, from Bible paper to tea bag paper. Each has its own materials, manufacturing process, and purpose. An alphabetical reference of the various forms of paper is helpful in making decisions for projects involving paper.

Abrasive Kraft is for making sandpaper, while absorbent Kraft is used in making laminates. Alkaline paper actually has pH level above 7. Anti-rust paper can be used to protect metals. Antique paper is opaque, heavy, and matte. Art paper is brushed with china clay, and is used for calendars, magazines, and catalogues.

Azure-laid paper has a hue of blue while barograph paper is a thin red paper, coated with wax on one side. Base paper is paper ready for coating or laminating. Battery jacket paper, like absorbent Kraft, is used in laminates.

Beedi Wrap Paper is a decorative paper that comes in many colors. Bible paper is thin but opaque white paper, used in Bibles. Believe it or not there is a specific type of paper used for wrapping razor blades, called blade wrapper paper.

Bond paper is a high quality dense paper used often in stationery and letterhead. Book paper actually is a category, more than a single type of paper, as there are a range of papers within the publishing world used in the production of books.

Business forms paper is self-explanatory, made just for business forms. Carbon base is a paper controlled for porosity to avoid excessive absorption in printing. Carbon paper has impressionable ink on one or both sides, in order to make a copy of an original, such as in carbon checkbooks. Carbonless paper is a newer development allowing copies without the use of carbon, by means of mechanical pressure or chemical reaction.

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