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Proofreading – It Makes You Look Smarter

A note that says, "Allways chek for speling erors"From the time we started writing in elementary school, our teachers tried to impress upon us the importance of proofreading. Re-reading your writing, and perhaps having someone else to it as well, might save you from a lot of embarrassment once other people see it. Below are just a few reasons proofreading is a good idea.

Help Wanted Signs:

“Kitchen Assistant Required, Good English Essencial, Apply Within.”

“Proofreader wanted in Production Department. Must have good spelling skills and accuracy. Interested Candidates should forward an resume.”

In the News:

“Missippi’s Literacy program shows improvement.”

“Puerto Rican Teen named mistress of the universe.”

In Advertising:

A batch of bags for the MSU bookstore arrived saying “Missouri State Univeristy”

“Shoe Repair – Souls, Heels, Dying & Polishing”

“Perfection Has It’s Price”

On School Marquees:

“Laeping to Literacy Night 6:30 PM”

“Our School Seconnd To-None”

“Our Teachers make a Differance”

Of course all of these mistakes, and countless others like them, were distributed to or displayed for thousands of people to see. Surely you wouldn’t make such a mistake, would you? Let’s talk about wedding invitations. When you make a mistake on one of those, it won’t be a big deal, because it will only be seen by 200 or so of your closest friends and family members, right?

Uh yeah, you better be sure to proofread for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Have one or more people who were not involved in the creation of the invitation read it as well. Imagine sending off all of your wedding invitations only to notice your name is spelled incorrectly, that you invited people to arrive at “four thirty o’clock in the afternoon,” or that you left off the address of the reception center.

These errors happen all too frequently, and once you approve the invitation sample, are not the printer’s responsibility. Reprints can be costly, and corrections embarrassing to send out, so be sure to get it right the first time.

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