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Preparing Addresses for Wedding Announcements

Wedding AnnoucementsSending out wedding announcements is one of the most important and time-consuming processes in your wedding planning. Getting your announcements out in time, particularly if you have a short engagement, can be a challenge. As you prepare for the wedding, here are a few things that will make sending out the announcements easier.

Start compiling your guest list right away. If you will be serving a meal or the size of you venue is limited, you will need to limit the number of guests on your list. Doing this as soon as possible will help with your plans for seating and catering.

Collect addresses. This needs to be done ASAP. Starting early will give you time to track down addresses from the stragglers at the end. Some people use Facebook events or wedding websites to collect addresses. That’s fine, but if you are limiting your guests, make sure you invite only those people to the Facebook event. This will limit hurt feelings for those not invited. For a more personal touch, call your guests to verify addresses.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. If your brother, sister, or cousin has gotten married in the last couple of years, chances are, there will be a lot of overlap in your guest lists. Asking them for a copy will cut down on the amount of footwork you have to do.

Be sure you have the correct spellings of names. If you don’t take the time to get the correct spelling of a person’s name, you are sending a message that you don’t care about them as a person. Also be sure to gather titles, such as Doctor or military titles as appropriate. Announcements can be addressed to a married couple as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. For a less formal feel, both first names can be used. If the couple lives together but is unmarried, address them on separate lines, with the woman listed first. If the couple is married with different last names, address both parties on the same line, woman first, with the names joined by and.

Stay organized. If you are sending addresses to a printer or calligrapher, ask how they want to receive them, and upload or add addressees to their preferred form as they are received. If you will be hand-addressing announcements yourself or printing mailing labels from home, do the same, formatting as you go.

Calculate postage. Once you have received your announcements from the printer, assemble the whole announcement, including enclosures, and take it to the Post Office to calculate the postage. Many announcements must be mailed at the 2-ounce rate. Keep in mind that square envelopes cost more to mail. It would be a shame to get all of your announcements back for insufficient postage, so don’t skip this step. Don’t forget to address and stamp the reply cards.

Send out the announcements. Make sure your announcements are sent out at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding to allow your guests adequate time to make plans to attend.

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