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Finishing Touches on Your Print Job

The best way to elevate your print job above the competition is through the details. And there are several ways you can add a professional, official look to your print job with just a few finishing touches. In this article we’ll take a look at some.


There are several ways you can fold your publication. This includes throw-out folds, gate folds, French folds, accordion folds, and roll folds.

A throw out fold is something that allows you to put something larger in the middle of a set-sized publication. The most common use of a throw out fold is a centerfold. A throw out fold has an additional page “folded over” the other pages.

While a throw out fold allows you to a have a third page within a two-page spread, a gate fold gives you four pages in a two-page spread.

A French fold increases your options by giving you an eight-page fold from a single piece of paper. This type of fold is most typically seen in announcements and invitations.

An accordion fold, most often seen in CD inserts, allows your folds to go in opposite directions in order to save space.

A roll fold is when you have a piece of paper with two (or more) parallel folds. This folds fold in on the other, with the inside panels usually being slightly smaller in order to create a proper nesting space.


If you have sections of your publication you would like your customers to remove, then include perforation.

Die Cutting

Die cutting allows you to alter the shape of your paper or to include cut-out areas. Die-cuts are well-used when you want to layer two pieces, allowing images or information on the bottom piece to peek through.


If you have a lot of information that needs to be easily accessible, consider adding tabs. Tabs will definitely mark certain sections of your publication, making it easy for the reader to flip through and identify areas of interest.


If you are having multiple copies of your publication printed, then it’s smart to have them collated. Collating means the print job will be printed in sets, making each copy distinguishable from the next.


If you need to fold your print job and want to make sure that you are presenting clean, even lines, then one option is to score your print job. Scoring means that a crease line is pressed or embossed onto the paper at the exact place it needs to be folding. Scoring allows you print job to fold neatly without any cracking or shifting.

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