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Creating Your Own Valentines

blocks spelling "love" for Valentine's DayValentine’s day can be a fun day to express friendship, romantic love, or affection to people in our lives.  The custom of sending cards on Valentine’s Day has been around for centuries.  Sometimes, valentines are sent anonymously, from a “secret admirer” who has watched the recipient from afar.  Other times, they are given by parents, friends, teachers, or romantic partners.

The very first valentines were made with a particular recipient in mind, so they were designed to convey a personal message.  Today, valentines are often given in social settings to everyone present, such as school classrooms.  If you’re looking for a personalized valentine for that special someone or fun cards for your kids to take to school, you may want to consider making your own valentine cards.

The idea of making your own valentines may conjure up images of glitter, glue, construction paper, and a big mess.  This is certainly one way to do it, and it may be fun for the kids but stressful for the adults who are supervising the activity.  If you decide to opt for this kind of arts-and-crafts approach, keep in mind that while children will love this type of handmade valentine, it may not be the route you want to go for a card that will be presented to that special someone.

You can create your own valentine cards using interactive websites or home software.  If you’re well-practiced in graphic programs, creating your own valentines may be a snap.  Others, who either don’t have experience in digital design or don’t want to start from scratch, can benefit from using websites that help you design and print your cards using pre-created templates.  Often times, these templates have elements that can be resized or relocated, allow you to add a photo, and give you a text space to write the message that comes from your heart.  Most of these sites offer the use of their templates, but don’t allow you to download the final creation, so you must buy the prints from them.  If the printed times aren’t available for local pickup, be sure to order in enough time to allow for posting.

If the idea of making custom valentines appeals to you but you’ve left it too long to wait for them to be mailed, or you would like a little more help in the design process, consider consulting with a local printer who offers design services.  It may cost a bit more than the do-it-yourself types, but you’ll end up with the perfect valentine cards that are uniquely you.  Since the cards will be printed on site, you will most likely be able to pick them up pretty quickly, without waiting for the mail.

However you decide to create your valentines, make sure they are a reflection of you and appropriate for the recipient.  If you have fun creating and giving them, it’s sure to show, and those who receive these special cards will take notice.

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