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Print Media isn’t Dead

With the increase in digital marketing, the Internet, and SEO, there has been a lot of conversation around whether print marketing will eventually die a sad and lonely death. However, most industry leaders agree that while online marketing may be changing aspects of the field, there is a still a place for many of the staples of print marketing, including catalogs, brochures, and flyers.

One of the ways that print marketing continues to have an impact is with direct mail. While the online presence of a company can get lost in the Internet cloud – especially when you’re starting up – direct mail is one way to ensure your company’s name and information gets into the hands of potential customers. When direct mail is combined with incentives, like coupons or special deals, you can be sure this piece of print marketing won’t be thrown out.

Another great way to utilize print media is at networking events. When you have a bunch of people together in a room for a conference or seminar, print media is the perfect way to spread the word about your company. Brochures and postcards are great assets for any company during a networking event, giving potential customers something to walk away with.

Print media can also be helpful when you want to share information about your company or event in your local area. Many local business owners will allow you to put up a poster on their wall or put a stack of postcards on a front desk or lobby coffee table. Don’t forget to put these same pieces in your own building. This way, visitors to your store or office have a lot of easily accessible information about your products or services.

While it’s important for the marketing directors of the future to work with online marketing, print media still has an important place in your overall business marketing plan. By using online and print media together, you can increase the overall presence and possibility of your business.

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