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Building Customer Relations with Personalized Thank Yous

Business Thank YousMany advances in modern technology have helped streamline operations for businesses while allowing them to also reach a much larger potential customer base. Although this creates a great advantage for many businesses, it also has resulted in a lack of personal relationships between you as the business owner and your customers. In this impersonal landscape, little things that bring back the old personal touch to business can go a long way in creating loyalty from your customer base.

An easy and effective way to increase customer relations is through personalized thank you notes. By using the following tips, your business can become better connected to your customers and build a loyal customer base.

Make them personalized.

Instead of addressing them to, “Dear Customer…” take the time to personalize each with the person’s name. If the volume of thank yous you are sending out permits, add a personalized message to each card that shows that you did not simply add a name to a form letter. This small gesture will resonate far more than the time it takes to craft and send the card.

Put some pen on the page.

Even if you are opting to send out form letters, it is best to end each letter with a real signature as opposed to a printed or stamped facsimile. Even better than just the signature would be to write out the salutation as well. Even if it’s something simple like, “Best Wishes” or “We really appreciate your business,” the written word will add a human factor to the letter and deepen the sentiment made by sending it.

Customize your cards.

Customizing your cards will make a bigger impression on your customers as it tends to imply that you place greater importance on the correspondence you are sending. We offer you the ability to create custom and elegant cards that will have a much higher likelihood of being displayed or passed on to upper management.

Use an envelope.

Postcard-type cards, although maybe a little easier to send, tend to be viewed as impersonal and are often thought of as advertisements—they may be discarded without being viewed. The envelope offers another chance to make things more personal by putting pen to paper. An address printed on the envelope will also be viewed as more business-like whereas a handwritten address tends to be associated with friends or family members.


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