Poly Bagging and Shrink Wrapping

Poly Bagging and Shrink Wrapping

Do you have a catalog that you want delivered but worry about it getting beat up by the post office? Our poly bagging and shrink wrapping equipment provide a protective wrap around your flat piece, adding a professional look while keeping your product intact. You can feel confident that every customer will see your product in its best form.

Salt Lake Mailing and Printing has the latest high-speed shrink wrapping and poly bagging technology to hit your deadlines, save on packaging expenses, and increase production. Our expert staff will work with you to provide the desired result and meet almost any deadline.

Make sure that your customers see your catalog or magazine in its pristine condition. Poly bagging and shrink wrapping are more durable, less expensive, and quicker than paper packing and allow the customer to see the content before they even open it. The minimal cost that it takes to protect your materials are more than worth it for the quality impression you will give.

Benefits of poly bagging and shrink wrapping

  • Minimizes wear and tear including water damage, tearing, folding and scuffing
  • Encloses all of your contents
  • It’s less expensive and quicker than paper packaging
  • It’s extremely light and won’t increase postage
  • We take care of it which allows your own employees to focus on more important tasks

Request a custom poly bagging or shrink wrapping quote in minutes.