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Writing Tips for Direct Mail

In order to make sure that your direct mail piece is read instead of tossed into the recycling bin, it’s important to create a winning and effective document. Here are a few tips to help your direct mail stand out and be heard.

Send it to the Right Person

Know who in the company or home is your target audience and direct your mailing to them. Sending your mailer to the wrong person is an invitation to have it thrown away.

Create a Hook

The initial impact of your direct mail piece goes a long way in ensuring whether or not the rest of the paper will be read. Having a catchy headline and a strong opening sentence is an imperative part of your design process.

K.I.S.S. It

Keep it simple, stupid (KISS). Don’t antagonize your audience with fluff, unnecessary information, or SAT-level vocabulary. Make your point clear and strong, and then move on.

Give Them a Reason

Your target audience should be able to easily identify the benefits they will receive by accepting your offer of a good or service. A list of benefits is infinitely more helpful than a list of features.

Make an Offer

Once your reader knows the benefits of your good or service, make them a strong and fair offer. This includes special deals or a personalized product selection, allowing them to accept an offer that is just for them.


The best way to entice someone to try something is to show that they are risking nothing. By offering a guarantee (including free samples or consultations), you are providing a win-win situation.

Next Steps

Guide your audience down the correct path to receiving your good or service. Tell them what to do next and make it easy for them to respond to your offer. This often means including a postage-paid reply card.


A reader’s eye will often jump straight to the postscript. Use that space to reiterate your offer and show why the reader should take advantage of it.

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