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Types of Direct Mail Testing

List testing: List testing is important to ensure that the mailing list you market to is a list that can bring you effective results. Experts recommend you start with a 5% mailing, sending direct mail to 5% of the mailing list to see what results you get, before you try a larger mailing.

Package testing: This is important if you are packaging your own direct mail. Getting a customer to open a piece of direct mail requires effective packaging text. Test different versions of wording on your envelopes.

Offer testing: Offer testing is trying out different coupons, sales, or other discounts to bring customers in. Most advertisers know that once you get a customer to buy from you once, they are far more likely to go to you again in the future.

Copy testing: This is a vital part of your advertisement testing. You need to try different wording with different fonts to maximize your results. An eye-catching font with clear concise wording will get better results than small or difficult to read font and lengthy wording.

Price testing: Finally, price testing is important to see what price point you need to hit to bring in the foot traffic or business you need, without losing your profits. It’s a matter of supply and demand and it takes testing to get it right. All of these forms of testing are important for getting the most out of your direct mail advertising.

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