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Testing Your Direct Marketing Ad

It is vital to understand how effective your direct mail advertising is. With the ideal graphics and text, you can maximize the results of this advertising medium. But how can you tell how well it is working?

First of all, whether you sell a product or a service, it is helpful to have your employees that work directly with your customers ask new customers how they found you. One way of employing this method is to state “Mention this ad and save 10%.”

Secondly, if you have an ad that has already brought you good and consistent results through direct mail, continue to use that for 90% of your advertising budget. But take 10% of your budget to test a new ad out.

Again, with this method you will need to be able to identify which of your two ads new customers responded to. Therefore, distinguish them in a way that you can easily determine this. For example, place a different coupon or offer on the new ad, keeping in mind that this could change your results as well. Or, for consistency, mark the order form or coupon with an identifying code so that when it shows up at your business, you know it is from the new ad.

Monitor your results, comparing that of the new ad with the results of the old ad. When you are confident that a new ad is bringing you better results, risk more by putting a higher percentage of your budget into the new ad, until you maximize the benefits of your direct mail advertising.

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