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Regulations on Addressing your Mail

The United States Postal Service processes a tremendous amount of mail each year. And as such, there are specific regulations concerning the accurate addressing of each article of mail. The amount of time dedicated to processing each letter must remain very brief to keep the postal service running smoothly and efficiently.

Mail that does not meet these requirements will be returned to the sender. That is part of why the return address must be marked clearly on the left upper corner of the envelope or package. If there is no return address and the mail cannot be processed, the mail will be discarded.

If extra services are paid for, the labels should be placed above the delivery address, to the right of the return address. The middle top portion of the package or letter is the ideal placement for stickers indicating extra services.

Postage needs to be placed or printed on the upper right-hand corner of the envelope. The delivery address needs to begin with the name of the organization or individual to whom it is being sent, underneath which is placed the street address. All of this writing must be legible.

Abbreviations can be used to make the process of reading the address quicker. North can be shortened to N, Apartment to Apt., Suite to Ste, Drive to Dr., etc. These abbreviations not only make it easier for the person addressing the letter, but make it simpler for the postal workers to scan-read and get the information they need most efficiently. All of these rules and regulations for addressing mail can help the postal service streamline their work and stay in business in a struggling economy.

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