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Preparing Your Bulk Mail

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Once you have gone through all the steps to prepare your bulk mail for mailing, the final step is to take it to the post office. To make sure that your trip to the post office goes smoothly, here is a quick run down of where to go and what you need to bring with you. This information will help make sure that you are properly prepared to make your experience at the post office as smooth as possible. It is important to make sure that you have all the necessary items listed below so you can avoid any delay.

  • Though it seems like a no-brainer, the first thing to bring is the mailer itself. Don’t forget to count all your containers to make sure that every piece of mail is accounted for. You don’t want to be running back to your place of business for the one container you left behind.
  • Signed and dated copies of all your postage statements. If you have chosen to file your statements electronically, make sure that everything is submitted online before you go.
  • Any supporting documents, such as any printouts from your presort software or your tally sheet. Organization is key is making your post office experience a good one.
  • Money (cash, check or credit card) to cover the cost of the mailing. If you have an advanced deposit account, make sure that there is enough money in the account to cover the mailing cost.
  • If you have not already paid it, take a check covering the cost of your annual mailing fee.

Make sure that you go to the post office that is listed on your mailing permit. Call ahead to see if there are special hours for business mail. Once you have made it to the post office, you want to make sure that you bring your mail to the business mail entry unit (BMEU). Bulk mail cannot be sent through a normal collection box or through a normal post office teller. Look for the BMEU signs to indicate where the entrance is located.

At this point you are ready to have your bulk mail sent off!

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