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Postcards vs. Envelopes

One of direct mail’s most common questions is whether to use a postcard or an envelope. Which one will bring the most results? Which will make the biggest impact? Which will be more likely to be read instead of tossed into the trash? The answer depends on many factors including budget, graphics, the offer, and wording. But most importantly, you need to take into consideration your audience and your goals.

You have to begin by identifying a target audience and know what type of customers you are trying to attract. If you are targeting lawyers and doctors, then you are likely dealing with busy people who scarcely glance at the mail before throwing it away, so a high quality and attention-getting postcard may be the best bet. If, on the other hand, you are targeting stay-at-home parents or retired citizens, you are targeting an audience that is more likely to peruse the mail more thoroughly than others. These individuals may actually take the time to open an envelope and see what is inside before making a decision to investigate further or dispose of it.

Next, consider your intention for the mailing. If you are intending to educate potential consumers about the details of your services, you may need to use a letter to get the job done. For example, if you are a chiropractor offering laser treatments for spinal pain, most potential consumers with spinal problems will be attracted by a mention of help for back pain, but will need some explanation of what you are offering.

For motivating someone to action to seek out more information or get on your website, a “teaser” might be more appropriate. Minimal information with high-impact images, bold letters, and strong calls to action will be best on postcards.

But personalized letters might be the preferred choice if you are thanking current customers for their business and letting them know about a special offer you are providing to your best clients.

Examining the intent for your mailing and the mailing audience will help you determine which type of mailer will maximize your results.

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