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Your Post Office Bulk Mailing Experience

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For businesses that have just entered the world of bulk mailing, the first trip to the post office can be an overwhelming experience. This mostly comes from an uncertainty of what to expect once you arrive. However, with a little knowledge of what will happen, your first trip can be a breeze.

When you are ready to send off your bulk mailing, the place that you need to go to is the Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) at the post office on your mailing permit. Usually the BMEU has a separate entrance from the normal post office. It is important that you go to the right area, as bulk mail cannot be sent through the normal postal channels.

Once you are inside the BMEU, you will be directed to the proper place to leave your bins or trays. A clerk will be assigned to your bulk mailing with the responsibility to make sure that you’ve prepared your mail properly and that you have all the necessary documents. This includes the eligibility of your mail, your postage payment (or, if you are using an advanced deposit account, making sure there are enough funds to cover the mailing), your sortation, and any markings and endorsements. For your very first bulk mailing, the clerk will be required to do an in-depth presort verification.

If there are any problems with the way you sorted or prepared your mail (which, for first-timers, is a common occurrence), the clerk will be able to assist you on making any necessary corrections. Usually this consists of the clerk giving you guidance on how to fix any problems and then giving you adequate space to perform any adjustments. If the problems have to do with the actual characteristics of you mail, the clerk will inform you of any additional fees or surcharges that need to be paid in order to get the mail sent out.

Once the clerk has verified that everything is in order, he or she will either sign off on your postage statement or electronically process your postage statement. It is important to remember that if you need a receipt of the transaction that you need to personally bring in an extra copy of your completed postage statement.

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