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Planning a Direct Mailing Campaign

If you have decided to make direct mail a part of your marketing strategy, it is important that you plan and prepare carefully before you begin. This planning will ensure that your direct mail is effective and provides you with the desired results.

The first step in planning is to know your budget. Your budget will affect many of your choices, including whether or not to rent a mailing list, whether you want to hire a graphic designer or do the design in-house, what type of printing you can afford, and what postage you will use. Things such as altering, retouching, and quality control can also affect the amount of money that you spend preparing your direct mailing piece. Areas to consider are creative costs, preparation, printing, mailing lists, computer costs, postage, and any additional fees that might be attached.

The second step in planning is to know your intended audience. Starting with your current customer base, you want to create a mailing that will grab the people most likely to use or desire your product or service. Things such as age and income will affect your design, as well as the way you deliver your direct mail. You want to make sure that your direct mail is getting into the hands of potential customers instead of being wasted in the mailboxes of those who would have little to no interest in your company.

The third step is to make sure that your lists are up to date. Keep track of all your current customers and make sure that all spellings and addresses are correct. Double check to make sure that no customer is listed more than once and use a zip code verifier to make sure that all the zip codes match the addresses listed.

These simple preparation steps will help make your direct mailing more effective, driving additional business to your company.

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