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Mailing Terms 101 (Part 2)

postal stampsIn our last post, we offered explanations behind certain common mailing terms. These terms and definitions are important for you to understand in order for your business to have the best relationship with the United States Post Service (USPS).  In this post we will continue our look at terms, with a specific look at some of the prices and fees.

Mailing Prices and Fees

  • Zoned Price: Zones refer to specific geographic areas of the United States. Zoned Prices are used for Priority Mail (excluding Flat Rate), Express Mail, Package Services, and Periodicals (excluding nonadvertising portion). This structure gives a price based on both weight and amount of zones crossed.
  • Balloon Price: A Balloon Price is a price structure used for Priority Mail (delivered in Zones 1-4) and Parcel Post items. To meet this price, the items must weight less than 20 pounds and measure between 84 and 108 inches in combined length and girth.
  • Oversized Price: The cost of sending Parcel Post that is between 108 and 130 inches combined length and girth.
  • Presorted Prices: Mail that is presorted is charged a lower price due to the reduced amount of work by the USPS.
  • Weighted Fee: This fee is charged when a Standard Mail piece that has “Address Service Requested” or “Forward Service Requested” is returned as undeliverable.
  • Destination Entry Discount: A discount given to the sender for depositing their mail at certain postal facilities that are closer to the final destination.
  • Nonmachinable: A piece of mail that cannot pass through normal mail processing equipment due to its size, shape, or weight. This mail is charged an extra fee because it must be processed manually.
  • Delivery Confirmation: This is an extra service that can be purchased by the sender. When delivery confirmation is purchased, the mail piece is scanned at delivery.

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