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Why Use a Mailing House?

Business MailingWhen running a business, it is the little decisions that can make the difference between success and failure. One of those decisions is whether or not to use a mailing house for your mailing needs, such as direct mail promotions, newsletters, or more.

While some business owners may automatically reject the idea of using a mailing house due to the extra expense, there are actually many benefits to using a mailing house (including financial ones!) for all of your mailing needs.

One of the biggest benefits is the time (and therefore money) that it saves your staff.  Instead of spending your staff’s salaries on the time needed to organize a mailing campaign (such as stuffing, labeling, sorting, applying postage etc.) you can have them focus on the more important tasks that they have to do. The mailing house staff is also less likely to make the same mistakes that are common among traditional staff or volunteers.

Another big benefit is that mailing houses usually have the equipment, knowledge, and technology necessary to get you lower rates on your postage.  Because a mailing house knows all the ins-and-outs of bulk mailing, they know how to sort and code your mail in order to qualify for the lowest possible postage rates.  These savings can add up significantly in bulk mailing campaigns. In the case of non-profits, you can use the mailing house permit to qualify for even lower rates.

A third big benefit is that a mailing house will save you money on equipment and materials.  Most mailing houses can print everything from your actual mailer to your address labels, meaning that you don’t need to purchase any specialty equipment or incur the extra cost of materials such as labels and envelopes.

The final big benefit to using a mailing house is that a mailing house will check your mailing list for duplicate labels and compare your mailing list against the National Change of Address Association every single time you do a mailing. This helps make sure that your mail campaign actually reaches its intended audience.  Quality mailing houses will also help you research your target audience and help your create a mailing list that has a higher chance of success.

In all, most companies find that they actually save money when using a mailing house (usually between $400-500 per campaign) and experience a higher ROI from their mailers.  The extra savings and higher rate of success make mailing houses a valuable part of your business marketing.

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