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Improving the Timing of Your Direct Mail

As we have just discussed with the United States Post Office’s announcement of no Saturday delivery after August 5, 2013, the timing when you send your direct mail has become increasingly important. After spending a good amount of time and money on getting your direct mailer exactly right, there is nothing more frustrating than having it arrive late into the hands of your potential customers.

One of the greatest advantages to a business that chooses to use direct mail in their marketing campaigns is knowing exactly when the mailer has been delivered. Knowledge of time of delivery can help determine the timing of future direct mailers, increasing their productivity by making sure that they always arrive in the appropriate window of time.

In order to track the dates and times of deliveries, direct mailers should use a barcode on all of their mailers. A barcode tracks every piece of mail as it goes through the USPS system, starting from the moment it enters the system all the way to delivery. Since the barcode tracks the entire process, it not only allows you to see how long the mailers take to arrive, but also gives you insights into any delays along the way.

Another advantage to barcodes is that they allow your mailers to get into the USPS system more quickly, often increasing the speed of processing along your mailer’s journey to its final destination.

While the USPS always offers a window of time for direct mail delivery (usually 9-11 days), by tracking your mailers, you can easily adjust the timing of your mailers to make sure that they land in the mailboxes at the most effective time. With each mailer you can receive the information necessary to fine-tune your timing, making sure that your mailers never arrive too late to be effective.

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