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Effect of No Saturday Delivery on Direct Mail

On February 6, 2013, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced that they would be ending Saturday delivery for letters and flats of all classes effective August 5th. While this move is expected to help save the USPS around $2 billion a year, it has raised many questions about the effect on businesses who choose to use different methods of direct mail.

For direct mail packages, there should be no impact. Packages will continue to be delivered on Saturday and all should continue as normal.

For most direct mail, which takes 9-11 days to deliver, the impact should be minimal. Since the USPS already does not guarantee a delivery date, the majority of direct mailers are not scheduled for Saturday delivery. However, with no Saturday delivery, there may be some delay, as the volume of Monday mail will increase. This delay could be increased around Monday holidays, as the USPS will be closed for an additional day. If the information in your direct mailer depends on a certain delivery window, you will need to plan for any of these potential delays before sending your mailer.

One of the biggest impacts will be on the businesses that publish Saturday editions of newsletters, community newspapers, or ad packets. As the Saturday edition often has the highest percentage of readers or the highest ad revenue, many publishers have expressed high concern about this change. For most of these businesses, the options seem to revolve around establishing a contract with another carrier or switching to home delivery.

While the announcement may necessitate some careful glances at the calendar before scheduling the day you send your direct mail, the overall effect should be minimal. Business owners will still be able to depend on direct mail as a vital and effective part of their marketing campaigns.

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