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Using Direct Mail to Help Retain Your Customers

Companies generally spend a lot of time attracting and acquiring new customers. Once someone becomes a customer, however, they should not be ignored. It is important to maintain communication and a positive relationship with your existing customers. Direct mail marketing can be used to help retain customers and increase their loyalty.

Create a community. Customers who feel like they have become part of a community can become your best marketing tools. Consider creating a place where customers can chat together, talking about your product or service.  Once your community has been created, make sure that you let your customers know through letters, postcards, or other direct mail. Always make an initial announcement and follow up with occasional reminders, inviting your customers to become a part of the community.

Get their feedback. Customers like to know that their opinions matter. Consider sending out surveys or direct mailers with response cards that encourage your customers to express their thoughts and ideas. Just make sure that you are prepared to implement the feedback – and always make sure that the customers know how it has been implemented. Newsletters are a great way to announce any changes or improvements that have been instigated by customer feedback.

Provide great, educational information. Make your company the place to go when your customer has a question about your industry. By setting yourself up as an expert in your field, your customers will be able to increase their level of trust. You can share this information through newsletters or on your website.

Give rewards. Customers love to be rewarded for loyalty.  Consider sending your returning customers offers for discounts, bonuses, or other special offers.

Whatever you decide, just keep talking! Regular (but not overwhelming) contact reminds your customers of your existence and of how important they remain to you.

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