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Is Direct Mail Dead?

With the rise of Internet, email and social media marketing, you may be wondering if direct mail is still a viable option to include in your company marketing plan. Concerns over the decrease in mail volume and the future of the U.S. Postal System add to the questions that many companies are asking about whether or not direct mail is still effective.

There are two main reasons that direct mail still has the potential of being powerful and successful. The first is competition. With the volume of print mail decreasing, the potential of direct mail actually increases. Since your target audience is receiving less mail in their mailbox, your direct mail pieces have less competition for their attention.

The second is while there is a large increase in online marketing efforts, a large portion of the population still appreciate receiving a physical copy of information. By adding direct mail to your online marketing strategies, you are increasing the scope of your audience.

Knowing both the concerns about and the reasons for direct mail, the largest lesson for a marketing team to learn is the importance of creating PROPER direct mail. In order for your direct mail to be its most effective, it is imperative that you pay attention to all the small details that can make or break a direct mail campaign. Choices in font and layout, creating an updated mailing list, double checking that you are receiving all potential postal discounts, and paying attention to all the other little decisions and details will ensure that your direct mail is not only reaching your potential audience but having its intended impact.

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