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Is Direct Mail Right for Your Business? Part 2

While the disadvantages of direct mail give a business owner something to pause and consider, the advantages must not be overlooked. Direct mail can help business owners target a certain area, such as the local area surrounding their small business.

Direct mail also allows the all-important process of test marketing. Writing and designing new ads is risky business. Testing new ads on your market gives you the opportunity to measure results and determine what works best for attracting customers to your business.

To take the best advantage of this benefit, it is important to keep careful statistics on how many mailers you send vs. how many responses you get. That gives you a response percentage that may change based on the ad you place in the mailer. Trying a new ad can bring very different results. So be sure to log all of these changes and the responses they bring.

Direct mail gives you the opportunity to place an order form or coupon in the potential customer’s hands, effectively requesting action. Pictures, art, and graphics draw customers in a way that some other marketing, like radio, cannot.

Direct mail works for both services and product sales. And by placing your business location or contact information in the direct mail advertisement, you will get inquiries as well as orders, giving you the chance to win more business than orders alone provide.

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