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Developing an Effective Call-To-Action for Mailers

Call to ActionLet’s face it, in today’s world of smartphones, drones, television, and the internet, customers are getting bombarded more than ever with information and advertising. Catching the attention of consumers is becoming increasingly more difficult for businesses looking to market their products and services.

In this competitive environment, convincing consumers to take action can be a tricky task. Businesses cannot control what channels are watched or what websites are visited, and therefore, are not able to know for sure whether or not the ad space they purchased is reaching the people they are intending it to.

Despite these challenges, businesses still have one of the age old tools for reaching a very high percentage of their intended consumer: the mail. What this means is that as a business you have just seconds to capture the consumer’s attention and propel them to action. Using the following tips on developing an effective call-to-action will allow you to maximize that short window of time you have to turn a prospect into a customer:

Create urgency.

Everyone has received a brochure or pamphlet at one point with phrases such as, “Act Now! Limited Time Offer!” or “Offer Ends Soon,” written across them. Eventually you may start to wonder why companies still include such phrases on them when the general public has realized that the offers are usually not as limited as a company would have them believe. It turns out that the effect of such phrases is not that the recipient believes that an offer is about to end and they need to take advantage of it, but rather it serves to pique curiosity and results in the recipient taking some extra time to see what the fuss is all about.

Clearly state what the recipient should do.

With only a very short amount of time for a call-to-action to actually produce action, you cannot waste time communicating what the action you are asking for is. If the action is unclear and requires a second read, most consumers will place it aside and move on. Whether you are asking the consumer to fill out an order form, a survey, or join a mailing list, make the action easily and clearly known.

Quality material is associated with more serious offers.

When recipients receive an ad that is obviously of a professional quality, they are more likely to take it seriously. A higher quality presentation tends to make people feel a sense of importance, both about themselves for receiving a high quality item, and toward the company who has taken the time to put together something of that nature.

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