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Commingling: the What and Why

For businesses that have chosen to make direct mailing a part of their marketing campaign, one of the big budget factors is the cost of postage. Many companies want to take advantage of the commercial pricing offered by the United States Post Office, but don’t quite qualify due to the size requirements of the mailing list.

For companies facing this problem, one solution is commingling. Commingling is defined as combining your direct mail with the direct mail of another company. The combining of mailers allows both companies to qualify for bulk postage discounts.

Commingling works through a very simple process. When creating your direct mailing list, it is necessary to sort the file according to zip code. This will allow the mail house to image only the address information and bar code on the addressing panel, and will exclude the Optional Endorsement Line.

At this point your vendor can pick up the mail. The mail will be put into a piece of sorting equipment that sends the mail to the proper USPS center according to the zip code. The mail will be combined with other direct mail, allowing everyone to receive the greatest discount.

Commingling has several benefits. Not only does it give you the lowest possible postage rate for your mailing, it also gives you the option to track your mail, improves the time and predictability of delivery, and is more efficient overall. It will also help you in your budgeting process by giving you a guaranteed price per piece of mail.

Commingling has become increasingly popular over the years, as companies have learned of its many advantages. If you are part of a company that would like to consider direct mail, but are unsure if you would have enough pieces to qualify for commercial postal discounts, then commingling might be the right option for your marketing strategy.

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