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Choosing Your Mailing List Part 2

Swapping for a mailing list may be stepping outside of your business practice comfort zone, and many business owners worry that they will “fatigue” the list with too many third party advertisers. But keep in mind that swapping mailing lists is not as serious as you might think.

Each home in America that is not on a do-not-mail list is on several different mailing lists. So in addition to being on your list, the households you advertise to are already getting advertisements from many other sources. Therefore, keeping your list “pure” is a false notion. And the benefits of swapping a mailing list can be remarkable.

For example, a pet supply store can exchange mailing lists with a dog grooming service in the same area. Or a sandwich shop could trade lists with the ice cream shop down the street. This would be an excellent marketing strategy for both companies as clearly their mailing lists would share common geographical areas, demographics, and consumer interests.

The general rule with swapping mailing lists is that it is for a one-time mailing only. This is done by bringing the list directly to the mail house. And while it is unusual that there would be any abuse of this agreement, you can always plug a fake name to your home address into the list, just to make sure you don’t get any repeats.

If swapping is not a viable option for you, or you are looking to try something new, you can rent a list. List brokers rent out lists from companies who take a fee for renting out their lists. In addition, brokers usually have lists they’ve compiled themselves. They will profit more from selling you their own list, so just make a point to look at all their offerings and be sure you choose the one that is best for your business.

Whether you decide to swap or rent a mailing list, mailing lists that are targeted will always produce the best results, as you focus on mailing to the audience you seek for your product or service advertisement. General mailing lists will cost significantly less than targeted lists, but the investment in targeted advertising usually produces the best result.

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