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Advantages of Large Window Envelopes

direct mail envelope

A recent trend in direct mailing is the use of custom envelopes with large address windows.  These windows tend to run almost the entire length of the envelope and give the potential customer a fairly expansive view inside the package. Here are a few of the reasons why these custom envelopes may be right for your business marketing.

Only One Address Printing
All envelopes with windows save the business the trouble of having to print an address twice.  This helps ensure that you never have the wrong letter in the wrong envelope and that the address on the letter or mailer always matches the address on the envelope. Having a large window also makes it possible for the return address to show through, which means you do not have to have the return address printed on the envelope. This is especially helpful if your business has different divisions with different addresses. You can use the same envelopes for all correspondence and only have to print the return address on the letter.

Placement Options
Customizing your windows means that not only do you get to choose the overall size, but also the placement of your window.  Options for the main address window include the bottom right, bottom left, and upper left. If you choose to have two windows (one for the main address and one for the return) then the return would be placed above and (if possible) to the left.  However, as discussed above, if you choose a large enough window, both your main and return address will show through.

Showcase Content
If you have spent time designing a beautiful mailer or if you have a certain add-on such as a CD, a large window mailer gives you the opportunity to showcase that content to your potential customer.  This gives you the ability to make your mailer stand out among the traditional mailers, with bright colors, interesting designs, or intriguing incentives.

With direct mailers often being your first introduction to potential customers, it is important to grab their attention in any way you can.  Custom large address windows is just one way that you can stand out from the crowd and encourage your customers to open your mailer and see what opportunity awaits them inside.

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