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4 Tips to Developing a Successful Direct Mail Promotion Campaign

Planning a great direct mail campaignIt is common knowledge that a direct mail promotion campaign can go a long way in drumming up new interest and business for your company. However, not all direct mail campaigns are created equal.  A poorly created campaign will only waste your time and money, leaving you without the results that you desire.  However, by following these four tips, you can turn your direct mail promotion campaign into a solid asset towards growing your business.

Tip #1: Create a direct, informative, and intriguing message

The most important part of your direct mail campaign is the message that you will be sending your potential customers.  You want to make sure that your message is easy to read and understand but also piques their interest. If it doesn’t leave your reader wanting more, then your campaign will not produce results.

Tip #2: Create an easy call to action

If you’ve created a message that leaves your readers wanting more, make sure that you follow through with that message by giving them something to do.  Some of the easiest calls to action include clicking on a link or calling a number.  You only want to give ONE, clear call to action that is easy to follow. If you want them to visit your website, give them the url (and an easy one at that).  If you want them to call your office, give them the phone number.  Don’t make your readers search for your contact information because if they have to search, they won’t follow through.

Tip #3: Create an incentive

It’s one thing to catch people’s attention.  It’s another thing to give them a compelling reason to follow through. Incentives such as discounts or promotional items are an easy way to help readers make the decision to follow through on your call for action.

Tip #4: Take out the clutter

One of the biggest mistakes that direct mail creators make is trying to cram in as much information in as little space as possible. However, an overwhelming amount of information is a quick turn off to the majority of readers. Make sure that you only put in the information that is relevant to this particular campaign.  Keep it clear and concise through the use of headlines, bullet points, and side boxes.

By following these four easy tips, you can help ensure that your direct mail promotion campaign is a success, bringing people and interest to your business.

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