Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

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Most direct mailers you receive have the same message for all their recipients. The Salt Lake Mailing and Printing variable data printing technology makes direct mail personalization possible, so you can send each customer a message just for them.

We have the software, equipment, and expertise to bring maximum response from your mailing campaign. If you need something as simple as a black and white letter with the customer’s name, we’ve got you covered. Looking for a more complex full color piece with variable pictures and text? We’ve got you covered there too. Even your envelopes can be customized!

With our variable data printing, each of your customers will receive the piece meant just for them and you will receive the peace of mind that comes with a well-run mailing campaign.

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing uses mail-merge technology to change text, images, or other components from one printed piece to another. It uses information from your own database to make sure each mailer, letter or postcard is customized for the customer who will receive it.

Variable data printing can be used for something as simple as personalized greetings to something as specialized as offering special promotions or deals to certain customers. The more customized your communication is, the greater connection your customers will have with your company and the more likely they are to respond.

Is using variable data printing expensive?

Not really, especially when you consider the increased response of your mailer because of the personalized message. Often times it is cheaper than offset printing.

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