Company mailers

Reach New Heights with Salt Lake Mailing and Printing Addressing System

By admin - 22nd August 2014

How often have you sent out a huge new marketing campaign only to have numerous mailers come back marked with “Address Unknown”? How often have you received a...

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Taking the Headache Out of Shipping for Small Businesses

By admin - 21st May 2014

Sending an occasional package for a small business can be a huge hassle. Tell me if this sounds familiar. When you need to ship something every month or...

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Company Christmas Cards – Why They’re Important

By admin - 14th November 2013

The end of the year brings the Christmas and New Year’s holidays that are widely celebrated throughout the country.  It’s a time when we reflect on the year,...

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Vegetable Ink

By admin - 26th June 2012

Back in the 1970s, the oil-producing countries were at odds with oil-buying countries like the United States. And most of the inks of the day were petroleum-based inks....

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Advantages and Disadvantages of UV Inks

By admin - 21st June 2012

UV inks are rising in popularity for several reasons. Water-based inks are cumbersome to dry and solvent-based inks require removal of part of the solvent, after transfer, which...

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Soy-Based Ink

By admin - 13th June 2012

Ink made from soy is often called vinegar ink or “soy tinta.” As inks go, it is perhaps the most earth-friendly as it takes minimal energy to produce...

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Overview of Inks and Varnishes

By admin - 8th June 2012

Inks and varnishes are a necessary part of many functions in society including communications (such as newspapers), culture (such as magazines), products (such as labeling and packaging), and...

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