Developing an Effective Call-To-Action for Mailers

By admin - 23rd September 2014

Let’s face it, in today’s world of smartphones, drones, television, and the internet, customers are getting bombarded more than ever with information and advertising. Catching the attention of...

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Planning a great direct mail campaign

4 Tips to Developing a Successful Direct Mail Promotion Campaign

By admin - 21st July 2014

It is common knowledge that a direct mail promotion campaign can go a long way in drumming up new interest and business for your company. However, not all...

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Why Use a Mailing House?

By admin - 7th July 2014

When running a business, it is the little decisions that can make the difference between success and failure. One of those decisions is whether or not to use...

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Handwritten Thank You Note

Why Thank You Notes Will Stay in Fashion

By admin - 12th May 2014

When was the last time you received an honest-to-goodness thank you note? I don’t mean an email or a phone call. I mean a handwritten note on a...

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The famous Elvis stamp

Some of the Most Famous Stamps in USPS History

By admin - 23rd April 2014

Postage stamps evolved from necessity. In the earliest days of mail delivery in the United States, letters were sent without stamps, and the postage was paid by the...

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Advantages of Large Window Envelopes

By admin - 10th June 2013

A recent trend in direct mailing is the use of custom envelopes with large address windows.  These windows tend to run almost the entire length of the envelope...

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sending direct mail

Your Post Office Bulk Mailing Experience

By admin - 15th May 2013

For businesses that have just entered the world of bulk mailing, the first trip to the post office can be an overwhelming experience. This mostly comes from an...

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stack of mail

Preparing Your Bulk Mail

By admin - 8th May 2013

Once you have gone through all the steps to prepare your bulk mail for mailing, the final step is to take it to the post office. To make...

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postal stamps

Mailing Terms 101 (Part 2)

By admin - 22nd April 2013

In our last post, we offered explanations behind certain common mailing terms. These terms and definitions are important for you to understand in order for your business to...

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Mailing Terms 101 (Part 1)

By admin - 8th April 2013

Though mailing may seem to be a fairly simple operation, once you start looking into the details, you realize that there are many more options than you originally...

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